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Since 1968 specialists in the sale of used cars
Guarantee: consumer protection
The cars on the site are available at our resale and are all covered by contractual warranty of 12 months, in addition to being secured by the guarantee of compliance, as required by the Consumer Code. All used cars for sale are delivered for years with the certification of the mileage in order to make transparent and clear post-contractual relationship with the customer, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises. This is thanks to the traceability refers to the origin of all our used car. The choice and the continued breeding of each half exposed in our fleet is guaranteed by the expertise and professionalism gained over 50 years of presence in the field, also proven by the satisfaction of thousands of customers who continue to turn to us and with which we relate to each day for the different requirements and needs. This constant contact also allows us to increase our knowledge and to be closer to our customers both in the Veneto than those from other regions of Italy. Our company adheres to the brand of “Impresa di Marca” which is committed to respect the CODE OF CONDUCT of the COMPANIES AUTORIPARAZIONE , as indicated by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso.Learn arguments go to page dedicated to Warranty
Support for used cars across Italy
For every car proposal , we stand in the service of preparation and assistance , providing our ability and preparation accumulated over the years . Born as car dealers with internal workshop since 1968 , our team of mechanical , experts in all types of models on the market , over the years has gained a tilt to the ” problem solving ” that is effective against the satisfaction of each of our clients . In addition , the constant professional technicians , allows careful expertise of the individual car in all its parts , ensuring a start-up street with your purchase , be used , zero kilometers that new , total Safety . Our workshop is also affiliated with the network “Ok A Posto” and it offers additional services that you can see the page dedicated to Service
Funding and new services
For the car you choose , we are used to assess with you a personalized payment plan adapted according to the needs expressed at the time of purchase , that you decide to pay with monthly payments to constant rate , or with maxi final installment . Also we give you the possibility of access to the formulas of leasing more affordable price . In any case the fixed rates proposed , allow contracts transparent and clear , while the promotions of the period , constantly updated , allow you to have access to funds that are proving increasingly among the most competitive in the industry. On the page dedicated to Funding and new services offered, you can see more details

Last Minute Offers

You want to change? Start again with a new car ! L ‘ last- minute deal is the one for you!

Find used cars , km0 and new , at attractive prices and competitive , carefully selected to ensure a high level of quality.

The offers in this section come from to facilitate storage and spinning the car park , such as the achievement of certain business mix , in fact if you are looking for an opportunity Last minute , this is the right time for you.

Catch the moment to change : book your chance before it expires and buy the car you want.

See all promotions and contact our office!

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